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From Portugal to the World

With you, we make the difference.

We are partners to the food industry, to the distribution companies, and to the superstores and supermarkets in the development of solutions that contribute to creating a unique and differentiating pork offer, capable of responding to the demands and requirements of the most diverse markets and consumers, anywhere in the world.

No limits on customization

The biggest advantage of working with ICM Pork lies in this ability to adapt and in our flexibility designing customized solutions. Based on these competences and in a work of true partnership with each customer, we supply you with exactly what you need to differentiate and add value, in pieces, special cuts, and sizes.


We guarantee all animal welfare conditions and select the best quality meat.


We ensure all elements of food quality and safety, and the traceability of all ICM Pork meat.


It is because of our ability and versatility to find a solution that we sign up  “Meat Solutions”.

Shelf life

We comply with a strict plan of shelf life allowing a increase in the consumption of our products.

Our speciality

Technical Cutting

We have modern technologies and cutting techniques that allow us to reach the solution you are looking for.

Meat of Pork


Contact us and find out more about our production capacity and if we can help you in any way.