ICM Pork on SIAL PARIS 2018

By November 14, 2018December 14th, 2018Exhibitions

From Portugal to the world, ICM presents itself as a company that invests on taylor made solutions. In this edition of SIAL Paris 2018, one of the most important food exhibition in the world, which took place from 21th to 25th October, ICM received visits from several countries, and the main focus came from Asia, due to the entry of ICM in two more Asian markets: Korea and, more recently, China. However, ICM received visits from many other countries, either from Europe or from America and Africa. This affluence, so differentiated, proves ICM’s popularity. The pursuit for innovation was also present in the design of ICM’s stand, which used solid but invinting colors and motivated everyone’s compliments. ICM will continue innovating, within and across borders!