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Production process

Complete monitoring of the entire production process.

Providing the entire pork butchering and commercializing cycle, from reception to shipping, along with being part of a Group that acts in the agrifood cluster in an integrated way, allows us to guarantee all the conditions of animal welfare and to select the highest-quality meat.

01 Reception of Raw Materials

Identification, monitoring, and evaluation on arrival, anticipating entry into the production lines.

The full monitoring of the production process guarantees all the quality and food safety elements, and the traceability of all ICM Pork meat.

02 Cutting process

We are experts in deboning, butchering, and commercializing fresh and frozen pork.

Sequential mechanized line of primary butchering with capacity to process 300 carcasses/hour.
Specific deboning lines for thigh, leg, bacon, and head.
Cured ham preparation line.
Cutting room.

We fit your needs

In addition to the vast offer available in our catalogue, our ability to adapt and our knowledge of worldwide supply chains makes the development of customized products our main calling card.

Technical Cutting

We have modern technologies and cutting techniques that allow us to reach the solution you are looking for.


We strictly comply with a freezing plan that will allow us to keep the meat in great conditions.


We create customized packaging solutions that suits your needs.

Meat Solutions

We are the largest Portuguese exporter in the segment, supplying the food industry with high quality.


Contact us and find out more about our production capacity and if we can help you in any way.